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Changing the way you maintain patient care standards and meet compliance

Today Tutela, as part of Checkit UK limited, can further support busy professionals to maintain standards and regulations. Checkit is transforming the way healthcare providers manage tasks, processes and compliance through its task management software.

Healthcare runs on checklists, but printing checklists and manually entering the contents into healthcare IT systems is inefficient adding to costs, errors and unnecessarily tying up staff time. Find out more

At the forefront of digitally-enabled care.

Our digital tools from both Checkit and Tutela enable healthcare professionals to maintain consistency, to deliver efficiencies whilst also maintain and improve standards.

Checkit Work Management

Checkit Work Management supports everything from out of the box checklists for routine processes such as patient admission checks to complex multi-site configurations and integrations. Digital checklists present many opportunities for those looking to move away from paper-based processes. Checkit Work Management has the potential for use with infection control such as NEWS2, surgical safety checklists, patient admission and sample tracking for example.

Smart, easy to configure and use digital checklists enable more consistent patient care services, medicine management and sample tracking. Enhancing patient health and care services by utilising digital prompts to ensure staff adhere to care and compliance best practices. Contact us to request a demo

With Checkit Work Management and digitised checks you can:

  • Ensure a uniform approach for checks, maintaining patient-led healthcare standards
  • View real-time reporting on processes followed and adhered to, across healthcare team, department, hospital and Trust
  • Monitor, maintain and improve patient care through operational insights
  • Be inspection ready, with report data readily available
  • Free valuable staff time from paper processes, eliminate the requirement for entering data against patient records retrospectively
  • View real-time data that enables issues to be flagged and alarmed. Take intervention immediately, so preventing breaches in patient safety, or safe storage protocols for medicines, bloods and samples.

The deployment of digital solutions can strengthen patient and application procedures, increase responsiveness and provide real-time data and trend analysis. All of which can be fed into a programme for continuous improvement.

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