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Implementing a robust temperature monitoring system for the safe storage of pharmaceuticals

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The Tutela team are proud to be supporting Melanie Goodrum, Acting-Up Operations Manager, Pharmacy Quality Services at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. #strongertogether

And we are pleased the hear how we helped Melanie protect valuable stock, via a called out alarm. Here is what she said:

“Our previous wireless temperature monitoring system was no longer fit for purpose. Data could only be viewed via one P.C. and the audio alarm did not provide adequate notification. To add to this the supplier was no longer able to provide support and maintenance.

Tutela was a natural choice, as an approved NHS accredited supplier, licenced to use the HSCN NHS network, it was simple to purchase and quick to install.

The functionality offered by the Tutela wireless temperature monitoring also meet our requirements. Tutela provide telephone support 24/7, calling a list of key nominated staff when an alarm occurs. And being a web-based system, I can monitor temperatures in real-time from any location. Or ask the sensors to provide a temperature check remotely. Tutela also provide much valued support, through training, as well as study days, covering best practice and up to date information on the latest regulations.

Tutela quickly proved its worth, when the compressor failed for our main cold store, causing temperatures to increase. This store holds medicines to the value of £500,000. The robust monitoring provided by Tutela meant we were able to act quickly, saving our valuable stock by transferring it to alternative storage.”

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