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Case Study : Multi-Site Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring at APHA

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), a department of Defra, is a key provider of research, scientific evidence and advice in support of policy development for the UK government.

Much of APHA’s scientific activity is focused on protecting Great Britain against the threat and impact of a wide variety of animal diseases and other species conflicts. Many of these diseases also infect humans. 

APHA were seeking a safe and secure method to protect their temperature-sensitive reference materials.

This project highlights the technical flexibility of the Tutela system. Defra’s IT policy did not permit Tutela access to its computer network.

This, against a backdrop of some old building structures (with low signal penetrations), cat 3 high level containment areas, clean room facilities, external sheds with no availability to network and power, meant that a radically different communication system was needed.

Download the case study to understand the key factors that drove selection of Tutela Genesis 3, and learn about their overall customer experience – during implementation and beyond.

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