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Case Study | Integrated Multi-Location Temperature Monitoring Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services

As a major provider in NHS Group Pathology Laboratories, Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services provides a complete range of lab services to a population of over 2.2 million and performs in excess of 27 million tests a year at a multiple sites and hubs. They were looking for a multi site temperature monitoring system.

Patient’s samples, blood, human tissue, drug, vaccines, and many other costly and highly sensitive inventory are stored in temperature-controlled environments, such as fridges and cold-rooms, throughout the numerous hospital locations, where the environmental condition of this inventory is paramount to the operation of the departments.

In this case study, we detail how the Tutela Monitoring System was deployed and integrated across multiple departments within 4 different locations within the control of Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services.

Download the case study to understand the key factors that drove selection of Tutela Genesis 3, and learn about their overall customer experience – during implementation and beyond.

Multi-Site Laboratory temperature monitoring Case Study









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