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Flexible configuration for all scientific monitoring systems

A Tutela monitoring system has been designed to be configured to meet the compliance and monitoring needs of any organisation, from just one laboratory refrigerator containing priceless research samples up to a multi fixture, multi-building, multi-site, multi-national organisation.


Simple Monitoring Installations

Installation of a Tutela remote monitoring system in a single monitored facility is simple, with minimal local IT integration or support needed. 


Flexible Configuration for Multi-Room Monitoring

A Tutela Genesis 3 wireless monitoring system is so flexible it can be configured to meet the needs of a multi-fixture, multi-department organisation with a seamless upgrade path for future expansion.


Fully Scalable for Monitoring Multiple Departments

Being web-based and using standard Ethernet, Genesis 3 from Tutela offers highly flexible configuration options, and is totally scalable to meet the most complex scientific or medical inventory monitoring needs within the same organisation - irrespective of location or proximity.


Expand Your Monitoring System – Globally

Genesis 3 from Tutela, is the choice for multi-site organisations needing an integrated monitoring system for their scientific or medical inventory - even across international boundaries.  Coordinated via intuitive web-interfaces, a Tutela monitoring system offers un-paralleled compliance and protection for multi-site installations.


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