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Infinitely Scaleable Connectivity

Choose the level of connectivity you need with the reassurance that a seamless upgrade path is available should you need it in the future. 3 levels of connectivity define Tutela Genesis 3, covering every application from one standalone unit to a full cloud-based multinational configuration.


Local Data Logging

This configuration of Tutela monitoring System is perfect for local temperature data logging providing standalone monitoring of for example, a single refrigerator in a research lab or a group of refrigerators in a hospital pharmacy unit.


Local Data Logging over Ethernet

Ideal for multiple installations within a single building, data logging over Ethernet configuration offers all the features of a totally local system with the added benefit of any number of WARP units connected via plug and play to a local Ethernet network.


Cloud-based Remote Monitoring Services

The complete cloud-based remote monitoring solution from Tutela is the ultimate in temperature monitoring, and this configuration adds secure connectivity to the world wide web for the ultimate in access, or for remote monitoring multiple installations across national and even international boundaries.


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