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Handling perishable biological cargo through the entire cold chain presents a genuine challenge, and a consistently high level of care must be employed to mitigate risk.  The viability of scientific samples such as blood, medicine, tissue, vaccines in transit depends greatly on the temperature at which they are maintained.

In transit, the environment is often hostile, and not only does a stable temperature need to be maintained, the samples must also be monitored carefully so that any excursions from the set temperature parameters are recorded and available for instant download at their destination.

The Tutela Transport Temperature Data LoggerGenesis TTMU is the ultimate cold chain temperature monitoring device.

End to end Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring just got easier!

The Tutela Transport Temperature Data Logger is the ultimate cold chain temperature monitoring device.  The Genesis TTMU comes pre-configured to your specific monitoring needs, but can also be shipped with a self-configuration option enabled.

Standalone Operation

With no special software needed, the Genesis TTMU can be used totally standalone to deliver un-matched accuracy and a raft of functionality designed specifically to protect valuable temperature-sensitive scientific products in the cold chain.

Tutela TTMU Cold Chain temperature monitoring


Instant status display – Instant Download

Designed with a discreet form factor, sporting a LCD display that gives constant excursion status, the Genesis TTMU connects via USB to a PC to provide an instant PDF download at the end of the journey.

Seamless Integration

Tutela System users will appreciate the seamless compatibility with their existing monitoring system, where the Genesis TTMU can be docked with a TTMU-enabled WARP unit to integrate journey data with the total cold chain.

Tutela vaccine cold chain management


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