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Temperature monitoring for healthcare and life sciences during the summer heat

The guidelines for temperature monitoring systems for hospitals are becoming increasingly robust. And critical to the success of clinical trials in medical research is the stability of the storage and research environment.

In Life Sciences, Tutela monitoring systems protect often years of priceless research work. And the rising value of inventory in a hospital pharmacy, refrigerated warehousing, plasma centres or blood banks is such that a fail-safe remote monitoring system is needed to ensure that you prevent loss at all points in the cold chain management.

This is a particular challenge when we see fluctuations in seasonal temperatures outside of the norm. Automated remote temperature monitoring provides a true value add. With manual systems it’s not possible to determine how long the stock was exposed to the out of spec temperature. Automated monitoring, backed by real time excursion alarms from real people, can save your valuable stock and help you remain compliant.

Delivering cool customer service on the hottest day

Last week, as summer temperatures peaked, the team at Tutela kept their cool, as a significant number of alarms were triggered. Summer temperatures rose to a high of 36.7C (98.06F) at Cambridge on Thursday 25th July, making it the hottest July day since records began. The support team coped admirably, calling out on average 426 alarms per hour.

The 17 strong team of support operators, over the course of the day, alerted via phone a total of 10,238 alarms to customers of temperature variances. They also responded to a staggering 36,248 alarms received by customers. The split of these being 56% for the built environment, with 44% for Tutela Monitoring Systems.

Darren Baker, National Support Manager for Next Control Systems & Tutela Monitoring said “The support hub rose to the occasion, working hard in the hot conditions to protect customers valuable stock. Demonstrating professionalism and the robust service we have in place here.”

Temperature Monitoring with a manned alarm calling service 24/7

Automated temperature monitoring means you can be sure you are never out of compliance.

Tutela provides real-time monitoring and manned alarm calling service 24/7 all year, come rain or shine. Last week proved, as summer temperatures peaked, the value of this service.

What’s the best way to be notified? In our experience it is by a person. When a person calls you to let you know that your vaccine fridge is over temperature you understand timely action is needed. And when your name is attached to that call and incident report then you have a responsibility to act immediately.

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