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Helping Front-line Medicine Management Meet Future Staffing Challenges

In a briefing paper the King’s Fund, the Health Foundation, and the Nuffield Trust predict that NHS staff shortages in England could increase from 100 000 at present to almost 250 000 by 2030 if not dealt with…..


CASE STUDY | Inspirational leadership Drives Change in the NHS

Once in a while you meet an exceptional leader who can truly inspire and acts as a role model to others. I am privileged to have met such a person, who’s energy, enthusiasm and sheer….


8 ways that Tutela is already supporting staff deliver the NHS Digital Business Plan

The NHS Long Term Plan defines how technology will be seamlessly integrated and used to help healthcare professionals act and communicate better to enable patients to receive quality assured care. New technology systems must provide….


Medicine Management in Retail Pharmacy – A Leadership Vacuum?

Beyond best practice Attending a recent pharmacy safety conference in Cardiff, I and others were looking for the guiding lights and best practice recommendations on this important subject. Safety and best practice are in no….


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