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Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring at Royal Berkshire NHS

Overview of Requirement Royal Berkshire Hospital required rigorous pharmacy temperature monitoring to ISO15189 standards. This needed to be implemented across multiple sites where drugs are required to meet MHRA regulatory guidelines. Locations included Reading, Newbury,….


Temperature monitoring for healthcare and life sciences during the summer heat

The guidelines for temperature monitoring systems for hospitals are becoming increasingly robust. And critical to the success of clinical trials in medical research is the stability of the storage and research environment. In Life Sciences, Tutela….


Automating your Temperature Monitoring in 7 simple steps

With manual medical temperature monitoring it’s not possible to determine how long stock has been exposed to the out of specification temperature. So, the only safe option is to bin the stock. Every fridge may….


Trust me! I’m a Vaccine

Medicines must be prescribed, dispensed and administered safely and effectively. Safe storage of medicines is something we all expect. With Vaccine and medicine storage having to meet pharmacy temperature monitoring guidelines issued by the MHRA…..


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