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Medicine Management: How much are your temperature-controlled medicines worth to you and your organisation?

Oh no!!!! We have all had that experience when you wake up or come home from work and find the puddle of water on the kitchen floor and realise the fridge/freezer has broken. You rescue what you can, or believe is safe, and the rest goes in the bin.

But imagine the same situation except the contents are medicines or blood, insulin, diagnostic kits in your fridge freezer, the costs are huge as well as the impact on your work and everything must be correctly disposed of. 

As a professional involved in the management of medicines you will be aware CQC, MHRA and the GPHC.  Their regulatory requirements are there to protect the public by ensuring correct temperature monitoring processes are followed to ensure healthy outcomes.

Even so, the value of stock held in these devices can be eye-watering. The impact of losing critical reference materials is also huge, and potentially damaging to your organisation. One customer admitted that the stock in one freezer might be approaching £1 Million. Is this good practice?

What’s your approach to risk?

We all know that one day a fridge or freezer is going to fail, fact. The uncertainty is ‘when’.

The more robust the procedural framework constructed around that uncertainty, the less risk your valuable stock is exposed to. Properly managed, this procedural framework also resolves problems when they do occur, because they have been forecast, and plans to treat them have been developed, agreed and deployed.

In this way “fire-fighting” mode is totally avoided, and this makes for happier, less stressed teams and stakeholders. If you minimise the impacts of the threats the end result is that you will have the bandwidth to recognise and exploit the opportunities that occur.

Having life insurance is great, but I’m not happy about dying!

Having life insurance is great, but I’m not happy about dying before my time! So let’s avoid the putting ourselves in harms way.

By implementing real-time monitoring of temperature, door closures and ambient conditions (as we experienced this summer), we can avoid catastrophic loss. 

The wealth of data available to be harvested, can now be analysed to spot trends before they happen and even predict future performance.  Equipment performance from different manufacturers can be assessed to see if they stand up to claims, benchmarked and ranked.

Corrective actions can be recorded, and again common mistakes addressed.  Doors repeatedly not shut, or ambient temperatures in rooms set too high, will place fridges and freezers under un-necessary strain and accelerate premature failure.

 Do we need independent monitoring?

The simple answer is yes, but not just monitoring, actively contacting the person or staff responsible of medicine management and bring to their attention a failing fridge or freezer by a trained independent member of staff. The storage of vaccines, bloods, insulin and a range of medicines don’t just become inactive, they can become outright dangerous if used, putting lives at risk.

But the sheer commercial cost which can be so damaging can be avoided, protecting margins and helping to reduce the cost of medicines for your organisation. In the case of the NHS this has been identified as a key targeted improvement area such is the incredible size of the medicine bill each year.

What role can technology support?

Tutela is the world’s largest independent healthcare and life science temperature monitoring and data insights platform for critical process control of temperature sensitive biological inventory and products.

Tutela have supplied 1000’s of systems to the NHS, Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries as well as research facilities such as the APHA (Defra).

Tutela’s technology can remotely monitor every fridge or freezer door, temperature, ambient and humidity. In every room, ward, department, hospital or remote clinic all under one account. Protected, secure with full reporting and action audit trail.

Our goals are simple

With independent monitoring of the healthcare and drug development activity, we aim to Improve health outcomes, protect reputations and support your team.

We protect your business or organisation from catastrophic loss and damage which cannot be recovered.

Can you afford not to take temperature and data monitoring seriously?

For more information on ways to purchase Tutela’s world leading temperature and data monitoring products and services contact mhobby@tutelamedical.com or visit our website http://www.tutelamedical.com/


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