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If you’re looking to implement a continuous temperature monitoring system, Tutela Monitoring Systems, part of Checkit UK, should be your first call. We understand that there are numerous factors to consider and you will have a multitude of questions, not limited to; what is the cost of instalment? How much, if any, down time is involved? Are there any ongoing costs to consider? What parameters should be considered?

You will find that, whatever your temperature monitoring challenge, we have a solution, tailored for you. Tutela Monitoring Systems, part of Checkit UK, have been supplying temperature monitoring to Healthcare and Lifesciences for over 20 years.

We understand the importance of compliant storage protocols to CQC and MHRA standards.

Your needs and your requirements are of the utmost importance to us and we aim to make sure this is apparent from the first point of contact.

Your first conversations with us will probably start with contact with one of our Account Managers, so we’d like to introduce you to Gordon Muscat, who has worked in the biopharma and healthcare arena almost as long as we have.

He has vast experience in this sector and therefore knows many of the challenges you might be facing, no matter what healthcare field you specialise in, as he explains.

“I find it so interesting that one day I can be at a bio-pharmacy and the next I can be at a university or attending an industry meeting! I love the diversity, anywhere that requires temperature monitoring, I know we can be of great help and make a real difference.”

Your main driver for considering our monitoring system, may be compliance or it may be about making monetary savings. But whatever the reason, what you want is a system, that is live and alerts you if anything requires attention. Whether this be for the compliant storage of medicines or for monitoring that the correct processes are completed by staff. Our connected workflow management tools utilise IoT and digital checks to ensure correct processes are adhered to.

But we go even further, because as Gordon explains, it’s not just about the system.

“I like building a relationship with a customer, from initial call right through the installation, training and beyond. Because our system is so much more than ‘one size fits all’ solution, we have to fully understand the customer requirements and create a system that meets the customer’s exact requirement. So it’s great to be involved at all stages, from taking that first step, right through to seeing the end results and very happy customers.”

Monitoring the storage of valuable assets and samples for healthcare and biopharma industries

Nothing is more important than temperature regulation when it comes to the storage of valuable assets and samples for healthcare and biopharma industries. The continued monitoring of temperature sensitive products such as drugs or bloods is paramount to the care provided by bodies such as hospitals and hospices. And we have real world examples where we have had a huge positive impact for customers. Here is how Gordon helped one of his customers.

“Their driver was to cut waste and in this instance, waste constituted upwards of £80,000. With a choice of providers, we needed to be clear of our point of difference. One of the ways we did this was to highlight the fact that we don’t just send an email or a text message when a temperature alarm is triggered, we make sure that the message has been received and if possible rectify the problem remotely. The customer was impressed enough to put together a business case, which is of course fantastic for us; we then put a package together that suited their budget and goals and now they are on course to never have a temperature breach go unnoticed again.”

Not only is our system purpose made for the healthcare market, it’s also very easy to use with no need for additional hardware required. Our installation may take a little longer than a competitor, but that is because we think about every installation independently.  We then run an IQOQ, an Installation Qualification, Operation Qualification which means that you get a far superior result because the system is more stable.

We think about data security, so are ISO2001 accredited. Plus, we do UKAS accredited calibration onsite, which means, you as a customer, don’t have to send probes and sensors back to the factories for calibration. With us doing that work onsite, you get a much faster, much better installation and a much more stable system, whether that be at single or multiple sites, as Gordon explains.

“We don’t want to give the customer, ‘alarm fatigue’; we want to only be calling them when there is a genuine problem that relates to temperature. Our superior installation process and with the help of our amazing support specialists, we make sure that the customer only gets notified when there is a real issue.

A perfect example would be one of my customers, who deliver medication for the NHS directly to patients who are convalescing at home. As they hold large quantities of medication at their remote facilities, a temperature fail could cost them tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. We created a bespoke dashboard that lets them have insight into all of their sites from head office, that can be monitored by one person and we ensure that only real issues get alarm notifications.”

We believe that our track record speaks for itself. We have long standing customers and mature relationships, with a bespoke-system built around their requirement and the requirement of the healthcare and life science markets.

So if you’re considering replacing a paper and pen system, upgrading a legacy system or are in need of a system that will mitigate failures, keep you compliant, cut down on waste and ultimately save you money, why not give Gordon a call.

Gordon Muscat – Account Manager

T: 01252 406 398
Email: gmuscat@tutelamedical.com

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