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Developments in Automated Monitoring for Healthcare and Lifesciences

Tutela Monitoring Systems, Certified to ISO9001:2008, was first launched over 20 years ago. Our expertise is in providing independent healthcare and life science temperature monitoring for the management of critical temperature sensitive biological assets and products. We are passionate about safeguarding medical assets and are pleased to announce the next step in our journey, Tutela Monitoring is now part of Checkit UK Limited.

Our product offering for Healthcare and Lifesciences just got better

Today Tutela as part of Checkit UK limited, can further support busy professionals to maintain standards and regulations within a Healthcare and Lifesciences setting. Our offering for remote monitoring has now expanded, covering the Checkit product range, as well as the Tutela range. Meaning we can also provide a cost-effective solution for ward, GP or high street pharmacy for example. In addition, we are excited to be able to talk to our customers about the use of digitised checklists in a Healthcare and Lifesciences setting. The Checkit work management platform presents many opportunities for healthcare professionals looking to move away from paper base checklists. Presenting opportunities with sample tracking, chemotherapy treatment processes and surgical checklists for example.

The Checkit Philosophy

Our passion is providing technology and services that support our customers in managing and optimising their business operations. Smart technology that ensures consistency, productivity and compliance. Technology that automates, monitors and documents processes to provide data insights for achieving operational excellence.

Keith Daley, Executive Chair of Checkit says:

“We’re on a mission to be the global leader in real-time operations management to enable our customers to run safe, smart and efficient businesses.” Going on to say “our customers can rest assured knowing that we are continuing to provide them with outstanding service and technology.”

Mike Hobby, Sales Director for Healthcare and Lifesciences expands on this by saying:

“We are excited to provide a broader product offering for those working in Healthcare and Lifesciences. Supporting customers in meeting storage and process requirements for laboratory, hospital, community healthcare and high street pharmacy to mention a few. As well as broadening our monitoring solution for storage environments, we are also able to monitor people driven processes with our digital work management checklist.”

What can Checkit and Tutela do for you?

  • Our work management tool provides smart digital checklists that are easy to use and configure. Checklists that make sure the right people do the right thing, in the right place, at the right time
  • Our UKAS accredited automated monitoring ensures compliance and mitigates loss of valuable drugs, bloods, samples and medicines. Monitoring that is backed by real-time 24/7/365 telephone support.
  • Our smart wireless sensing networks use Internet of Things technologies to replace manual checks with 24/7 monitoring, protecting valuable stock, appliances and processes.

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More About Checkit

Checkit’s real-time operations management software makes organisations smart, safe and efficient.  Our products use Internet of Things (“IoT”), mobile and cloud technologies to ensure our customers get the best out of their mobile teams, processes and buildings.  Checkit users operate in many sectors including retail, hospitality, healthcare, real estate management and manufacturing. Checkit is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with its operations centre in Fleet, UK and a sales and service office in California, USA. https://www.checkit.net

Next Controls Ltd, parent company to Tutela and AXON, is now Checkit UK Limited. With our new registered legal name being Checkit UK Limited (Company number 2540171). The brand names of Next, Next Controls, Tutela and AXON are remaining as trading names of Checkit UK Limited.

Checkit at a glance:

  • Founded in 2012
  • Acquired Next Control Systems in 2019
  • 175 people, £12m revenues and growing fast!
  • Technology Centres in Cambridge and Fleet, UK and offices in the USA.

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