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Cold Chain Management Insight – Targeting Improved Healthcare Outcomes

Protecting Vital Medicines from Loss, Theft and Poor Storage Controls

It’s safe to say that failing to protect patients from poor quality medicines, that have been incorrectly stored and controlled, can prevent expected healthy outcomes, destroy reputations and expose your team to poor practices.

Reducing Cost by Continuous Cold Chain Monitoring and Management

The rising value of inventory for example in a hospital pharmacy, refrigerated warehousing, vaccines, plasma centres or blood banks is such that a fail-safe remote monitoring system is needed to ensure that you prevent loss and measure at all points in the management of the cold chain.

The total focus of any supply chain distribution organisation must be to assure healthy patient outcomes from the correct management of drugs, bloods and medicines.  Best practice dictates that that these are should be tracked continuously to ensure no data gaps in a complete, end-to-end audit trail.

An essential part of this drive for quality is empowering staff to satisfy regulatory requirements and audits without undue workload or pressure; a digital monitoring solution is realistically the only cost-effective way to achieve this.

Independent Tracking of Controlled Drugs Required in the Future?

Rigorous tracking of access to and safe administration of controlled drugs such as opioids will now come under renewed attention, not only within distribution networks, but increasingly within the care environment. The ripples now gathering momentum in the media following the publication of a major report which found that more than 450 elderly people at Gosport hospital were given life-shortening opioid drugs they did not need, will drive forward tighter and more regulated systems. There is no doubt of this!

Whether you need to control medicines on a ward, pharmacy or out in the community, areas such as palliative care or mental health, you are going to need a well-supported and technically secure, joined up digital system to take you forward. One which can track, record and alarm when un-expected changes to environment, location or storage occurs.

Protecting the Priceless Sample Banks that Underpin Drug Trials

This has also never been more relevant than in the development of modern antibody and protein based pharmaceuticals surrounding drug trials, with literally thousands of blood and tissue samples used as references for diagnostic design and bench-marking. Safeguarding these invaluable samples is critical, the reliance on manually monitoring and ad hoc IT systems is no longer adequate.

Best in Class Monitoring Solutions from Tutela

Today Tutela is fast becoming the world’s largest independent healthcare and life science temperature monitoring and data insights platform, protecting critical process control of temperature sensitive biological inventory and products.

Tutela provide real-time monitoring and manned alarm calling service 24/7/365, offering insights that support improved quality, regulatory safety and compliance. Tutela provide proprietary secure, real-time communications with a secure cloud-based interface platform, providing peace of mind. Tutela Systems monitors, analyses and reports out of compliance storage of your critical biological inventory, reducing loss of valuable product.

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