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Case Study | Milton Keynes University Hospital

Maximising Inventory Protection with a Wireless Remote Temperature Monitoring System


Tutela Wireless Remote Temperature Monitoring SystemsOpened in 1984, Milton Keynes University Hospital is a district general hospital, managed by Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, serving Milton Keynes, and the surrounding area of north Buckinghamshire, south Northamptonshire and north-west Bedfordshire.

With the projected further growth of Milton Keynes and its population, the hospital expects to be expanding its services over the next 20 years.

The Monitoring Need

Compliance drives the monitoring need at this busy healthcare facility and rigorous temperature monitoring to ISO15089 standards is mandated in this project for the Path Lab across multiple locations in the estate.  This included:

  • Reagents and consumables (chilled and ambient)
  • Critical incubators
  • Mortuary inventory
  • Microbiology

With Milton Keynes University Hospital’s commitment to quality and efficiency, they sought to acquire a wireless remote temperature monitoring system that would meet compliance requirements of ISO 15089, free up resources and reduce cost.  The search began a for a system that would meet its particular specifications. This included all day every day alarm notifications paired with a cost that was manageable. Their operations required 24/7 alarm coverage with real-time alarms to resolve excursions prior to the pre-set time limits for each monitored unit.

The Tutela Monitoring Solution

Milton Keynes University Hospital found their solution in Tutela’s temperature monitoring system. While the installation of the Genesis 3 Monitoring System from Tutela was part of a wider service contract, the system satisfied the search for a high quality automated temperature monitoring system

Tutela delivered exactly what was needed at a cost that met Milton Keynes University Hospital’s parameters.  The installation required 4 WARP units, fed by 90 temperature sensors (chilled, ambient and humidity) with 7 signal repeaters to ensure maximum security of connectivity.  The intuitive web-based interface allows users to gain access to, review and download their private sensing probe and incident audit records and provides vital real time data.

Being web based, the Tutela system meets the highest level of record security to its customers being fully compliant with FDA CFR 21 part 11, and allows comprehensive access to customer data at anytime, anywhere through the use of Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop or any device able to support a web browser.

Installation required minimal involvement of IT resources and little training to operate.   The system was calibrated to ISO17025 by Tutela engineers with annual calibration to follow.

Key points

  • Remote alarming by real people is crucial for maximum inventory protection
  • Secure web access to the user interface maximises productivity
  • Specialist providers offer more focussed solutions


“The Genesis 3 temperature monitoring system from Tutela is superior in terms of ease of use, features and width of product range; the team continue to be slick and very professional.”

Grant Barker – Blood Sciences Manager, Core Clinical & Support Services Division | Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust