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8 ways that Tutela is already supporting staff deliver the NHS Digital Business Plan

The NHS Long Term Plan defines how technology will be seamlessly integrated and used to help healthcare professionals act and communicate better to enable patients to receive quality assured care. New technology systems must provide greater connectivity providing staff with greater confidence in test results, history and evidence they need to make the best decisions for patients.

Here at Tutela, we support these fundamental goals across all healthcare settings, expanding connectivity to a range of systems and information.

Proven Track Record in Data and Insight

As the NHS digital business plan expands, Tutela Monitoring Systems continue to harness the power of information and technology to make healthcare better and improvement patient health outcomes.

Here are the 8 ways that Tutela have already been mirroring the NHS digital plan:

1.       Solid Trusted Platform

Tutela have built a reliable IT service with solid infrastructure over the last 25 year that health and care professionals rely on every day. Tutela monitoring systems continue to provide the data services that are essential for building medicine and biology asset protection which is more efficient, better connected and smarter than the manual inspection unconnected systems.

2.       Digital connectivity

For improved efficiency and transference of best practice, multiple sites both in acute but also primary and community can be joined up, freeing up front line staff and removing this labour resource requirement to focus patient care. Data on the correct condition and storage of medicines is essential to support people in making the correct health and care choices.

3.       Better use of skilled healthcare Professionals

All too often valuable GP and staff time is expending on temperature and data management of medicines. Tutela are working to free GPs and their staff from time-consuming admin and offer patients better self-care through performance optimisation of stored medicines.

4.       Accredited Partner

With Tutela as a preferred NHS Supply Chain partner we are making sure patients and the NHS get the best value from investment in medicines and pharmacy.   By making prescribing and dispensing safer and more efficient, the supports the integration of pharmacy into the wider NHS and making the most of medicines data and eliminates waste.

5.       Data-driven Insight

Tutela’s temperature monitoring systems and wealth of priceless data is supporting the NHS Digital strategy and equips the health and care system with world-class technology.  This ensures the workforce has the skills to get the most out of this management data.

6.       Improving Health Outcomes

The wealth of data and insight available from a Tutela Monitoring System is already used and analysed extensively to make incremental changes to the healthcare system, for better prevention and improving health outcomes.

7.       Compatibility and Installation

The Tutela solution is fully compatible with the NHS infrastructure (including N3), linking health and social care organisations together – enabling information to move frictionlessly and securely to be accessible from different locations. Tutela supports and maintains strong and future-proof national systems and networks.

8.       Data Security Assured

Building public trust and confidence in how health and care services look after confidential information and use it to benefit health and care is of paramount importance, Tutela is ISO27001 data security compliant.

Tutela Monitoring Systems are designed to meet and exceed the needs of the NHS to ensure it delivers on its 2019 Digital Plans for the future.


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