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5 Year Cost Savings Plan Drives NHS Procurement Changes

Tutela Monitoring Systems are monitoring closely the NHS Supply Chain as it transitions into Akeso and Company which has been awarded a role in the new procurement operating model.

New Operating Model to deliver savings of £2.4 billion

The new scheme aims to make savings to NHS procurement costs of £2.4bn within in a 5-year plan.  This model will leverage the collective buying power of the NHS to provide clinically assured products at the best value whilst meeting the diverse needs of NHS organisations. The future operating model (FOM) will disaggregate the current NHS Supply Chain service and procure goods and services via 11 category towers.

Temperature Monitoring Systems in New Category 8

The Category Towers are the category specialist procurement function of the FOM. Tutela Monitoring Systems falls under Category Tower No 8 and is run and managed by Akeso and Company.  Category Towers 7,8, 10 and 11 were awarded in January 2018 and Akeso will undertake the clinical evaluation of products and run procurement processes on behalf of the NHS. They then entered a six month transition phase where they will develop their Category Tower strategies and are now operational in July 2018. These providers will use category management techniques to create strategies that sustainably provide the NHS with clinically assured products at the best value.

The benefit of using approved suppliers

The benefit of purchasing through the NHS Supply Chain is that tendering has been taken care of. This means that medical professionals can focus on the areas of their expertise and spend less time (and money) on tendering.

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