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Pharmacy fridge temperature monitoring systems are subject to regular audits. Guidelines issued by the MHRA dictate that the storage of controlled drugs and vaccines must meet benchmarks that deliver maximum efficacy and shelf-life. And pharmacy inspections are carried out and published by the GPhC.

To meet such strict protocols, a comprehensive regimen of pharmacy temperature monitoring and accurate record-keeping is needed. This is the cornerstone of a good compliance strategy for any facility storing controlled drugs and vaccines.

Manual pharmacy temperature monitoring at the level of detail needed is time-consuming – It is a poor use of highly-qualified human resources and lacks the requisite accuracy.

Technology can provide practical solutions for the busy pharmacist. Automated temperature monitoring and record keeping can provide greater accuracy, whilst freeing up staff time. Tutela Monitoring Systems, part of Checkit UK Limited have a strong portfolio of products to support pharmacists with the correct storage of medicines and vaccines. Either through our temperature monitoring or via our work management application, that digitises checklists for work processes.

Tutela as part of Checkit UK limited, can further support busy pharmacists to maintain standards and regulations.

  • Our work management tool provides smart digital checklists that are easy to use and configure. Checklists that make sure the right people do the right thing, in the right place, at the right time
  • Our UKAS accredited automated monitoring ensures compliance and mitigates loss of valuable drugs, bloods, samples and medicines. Monitoring that is backed by real-time 24/7/365 telephone support.
  • Our smart wireless sensing networks use Internet of Things technologies to replace manual checks with 24/7 monitoring, protecting valuable stock, appliances and processes.

When monitoring the temperature in the refrigerated storage of controlled drugs and vaccines, Tutela, part of Checkit UK Limited, have the answer to deliver total peace of mind…

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Kathy Rogers, Jupiter Medical Center FL.

We have experienced excellent service and support. As we live in a hurricane zone, it is important to have such a reliable system. The product monitored temperatures even when our internet connection went down. We....


Kelly Arndt – University of Chicago

The Tutela Temperature Monitoring System is performing well for us, and a significant improvement over the system it replaced .  Overall, we are very happy with the change we made. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn


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