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Tutela Monitoring Systems are fully compliant with MHRA and FDA regulatory requirements.

Temperature monitoring is vital to maintaining efficacy of drugs and vaccines. MHRA and FDA advise temperature monitoring is fully auditable as part of regulatory requirements.  

Accurate temperature monitoring and fully auditable records are essential for compliance within the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries. Tutela Monitoring Systems provides:

  • Temperature mapping service certified to UKAS
  • Real-time 24/7/365 telephone support from trained staff on hand to give advice and create a full audit trail
  • Your data is kept secure and complaint to ISO 27001 for 30 years
  • CFR 21 Part 11 compliance

Manual temperature monitoring is time-consuming, and could present a risk to accuracy and an increased risk to sample integrity which could be costly.  Tutela Monitoring Systems:

  • Increase accuracy of temperature monitoring data
  • Reduce risk to samples
  • Improve audit trail data
  • Increase technical personnel efficiency
  • Provides visual data in real-time

Explore how Tutela can help your business reduce losses and increase accuracy for improved compliance.

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