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In the new era of high scrutiny and aggressive regulatory investigation, a comprehensive and workable compliance program is not only crucial for the medical monitoring systems in any Medical Laboratory, it is now a legal requirement.

For labs that already have a compliance program that covers their laboratory temperature monitoring needs, constant review is now required to ensure continued compliance, as there is genuine expectation in regulatory circles that the bar will continue to be set higher.

For those research labs that are not regulated, stored research samples are often irreplaceable and exceed any quantifiable value. A laboratory temperature monitoring system backed up with remote alarming from the Tutela Response Team will protect the integrity of years of priceless research.

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What People Say

Kelly Arndt – University of Chicago

The Tutela Temperature Monitoring System is performing well for us, and a significant improvement over the system it replaced .  Overall, we are very happy with the change we made.


Angela Green, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

We particularly like the fact that we get telephone calls from Tutela’s Alarm Monitoring Bureau if we have any problems and the system has given us such good service over the last two years that....