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Laboratory Temperature Monitoring Systems

Tutela Monitoring Systems supply and install fully validated and compliant, data recording and laboratory monitoring systems for all scientific facilities that store sensitive inventory.

Fully scalable from simple data monitoring a single laboratory fridge to comprehensive site-wide cloud-based monitoring systems for compliance, with remote alarming – Tutela is the perfect solution for your laboratory temperature monitoring needs.

Improving health outcomes, protecting reputations – supporting your team

Tutela laboratory monitoring systems reduce inventory loss, save money, and underpin compliance in traditional medicines management and in research and biotech.

Real time monitoring means continuous protection

Tutela monitoring systems operate in real time and are backed by manned alarming to protect all laboratory facilities where temperature-sensitive inventory is stored.  Fully validated and scalable, from simple data logging a single lab fridge, to comprehensive site-wide cloud-based monitoring systems with remote alarming – Tutela has the perfect solution for your safeguarding and compliance needs.

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What People Say

David Schreiner, Clin-Path Diagnostics, L.L.C

“It was a big step making the decision to make change to electronic monitoring. However, once it was up and running, the staff bought into the benefits of having 24/7 monitoring of refrigerators and freezers....


Michael Vassallo, Southeast Tissue Alliance FL.

Overall our experience with the Tutela system has been very positive. Installing the Tutela system in all our facilities has helped out our busy field staff tremendously. Knowing that a professional group with an excellent....