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Medical temperature monitoring delivered with a personal touch

If you’re looking to implement a continuous temperature monitoring system, Tutela Monitoring Systems, part of Checkit UK, should be your first call. We understand that there are numerous factors to consider and you will have a….


Correct vaccine storage and management for successful immunisation

Recent headlines remind us of the importance of credible vaccine programmes. With the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting on measles outbreaks in many countries around the world. The recent shocking news from Samoa shows what….


Automating your Temperature Monitoring in 7 simple steps

With manual medical temperature monitoring it’s not possible to determine how long stock has been exposed to the out of specification temperature. So, the only safe option is to bin the stock. Every fridge may….


Temperature monitoring systems and meeting the needs of the Health and Social Care Act 2014: Regulation 12 (2)(b)

When considering a temperature and data monitoring system in a regulated healthcare facility, it’s critical that Safety and Risk are the drivers when considering systems to manage and comply with the above. How do you….


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