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About Tutela

Certified to ISO9001:2008, and first launched over 20 years ago, Tutela is the world’s largest independent healthcare and life science temperature monitoring and data insights platform for management of critical temperature sensitive biological assets and products.
Working with partners in the NHS, private healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, and retail healthcare sectors, Tutela provides real-time monitoring and manned alarm calling service 24/7 all year, offering insights that support improved quality, regulatory safety and compliance.

Tutela Monitoring Systems is part of Checkit UK Limited.

About Checkit

Checkit’s real-time operations management software makes organisations smart, safe and efficient.  Our products use Internet of Things (“IoT”), mobile and cloud technologies to ensure our customers get the best out of their mobile teams, processes and buildings.  Checkit users operate in many sectors including retail, hospitality, healthcare, real estate management and manufacturing. Checkit is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with its operations centre in Fleet, UK and a sales and service office in California, USA.

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Meet the team …

  • Sales Team

    Andy Bridger

    Managing Director

    Andy’s role as the Managing Director of Tutela is to ensure we have an effective and motivated team to grow Tutela into the world’s largest independent healthcare and life science temperature monitoring and data insights platform. Tutela’s temperature monitoring solutions aim to assure healthy outcomes from the correct management of drugs, bloods and medicines, empowering your healthcare provider and research laboratory staff to satisfy all their regulatory requirements and audits. After working in building services Andy joined Tutela’s parent company Next Control Systems Limited as a BMS Engineer in the retail sector working on refrigeration control & monitoring systems and building management systems. Installed one of the first integrated refrigeration monitoring systems and BEMS in the retail field. Over the years Andy has managed the Operations of Tutela and Next Control Systems Limited which includes the Sales, Service Support and Projects Departments.

    Tel: 01252 406 398

    Email: andy@nextcontrols.com

  • Sales Team

    Mike Hobby

    Sales Director

    Mike brings a strong sense of value to the role of sales and marketing, with an engineering background spanning over 20 years in robotics and artificial intelligence applications in drug discovery, biotech and healthcare. With international sales experience and market knowledge, Mike’s enthusiasm and drive will continue to grow sales by providing solutions to improving life science and healthcare processes. Mike is a customer value focused member of the team and will continue with the growth and vision to align Tutela’s objectives of improving health outcomes, protecting customer’s reputations and supporting good working processes.

    Tel: 01252 406 398

    Email: mhobby@tutelamedical.com

  • Sales Team

    Gordan Muscat

    Account Manager - North East


    Gordon Muscat came to Tutela having previously worked for 19 years with leading marketing companies specialising in environmental monitoring. With a wealth of experience of selling temperature monitoring solutions to the Healthcare, Pharma and Food and Beverage industry, he is passionate about helping all his customers meet and surpass their quality control processes. Gordon says that ’Tutela Monitoring Systems ensure hassle free compliance” reducing risk, in the healthcare and life science sectors. With the continued introduction of audited regulations by governing bodies.

    Gordon is here to help you with your risk management assessment of your temperatures sensitive assets. 

    Tel: 01252 406 398

    Email: gmuscat@tutelamedical.com

  • Sales Team

    Lori Fitton

    National Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Account Manager

    Lori Fitton is an experienced sales professional with a background in Medical Microbiology and 20 years experience serving customers in drug discovery, biotechnology and healthcare.  She brings knowledge from her early career in Pathology laboratories and commercial experience in Pharma and Biotech serving cell biology and genetic research customers.  Lori has a customer focused approach and is passionate about providing solutions that impact human health through high quality delivery of products and services to Pharma, Biotech and Healthcare. Lori is committed to ensuring you get the right solutions to reduce risk to your products, deliverables, reputation and compliance requirements.

  • Service Team

    Phil Douglas

    Operations Manager

    Phil joined Tutela in November 2015, with a team of two office-based technicians and four onsite engineers covering service and installation. During his time with Tutela, the focus has been on customer service, building a first-class service department, improving procedures, installation standards and reducing installation times. Coming from and Electrical Construction background, Phil has a good understanding of how installation standards and verification procedures IQ and OQ can reduce issues for Tutela customer’s. This has enabled Phil to focus on the installation of new projects, to create a right first-time culture across the Installation department.

    Tel: 01252 406 398

    Email: pdouglas@tutelamedical.com

  • Service Team

    Sian Budden

    Technical Support Engineer

    Sian has been with Tutela for several years gaining valuable experience in the Tutela call bureau where Sian regularly spoke our customer’s first hand. She quickly moved to technical support overseeing the configuration of sensors and systems preparing them for installation. Sian will populate customer specific web sites (dashboards), configure and prepare the customer details. Sian also supports the Operational Qualification (OQ) when good quality data has been accumulated.

    Tel: 01252 406 398

    Email: sbudden@tutelamedical.com

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