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Why Tutela

Increasingly, regulatory authorities demand more detail of the activities of any institution operating in the field of Life Sciences, healthcare and clinical research for good reasons. But the burden it places on valuable human resources to monitor and maintain records that build an authoritative audit trail can be very cost-inefficient.

Furthermore, the rising value of inventory in for example a hospital pharmacy, refrigerated warehousing, plasma center or blood bank is such that a fail-safe remote monitoring system is needed to ensure that advance warning of any potential threats to the compliance of the inventory is flagged up as a matter of urgency to prevent unavoidable losses.

Compliance is not going to get any easier – and an automated remote monitoring system with alarming is the long term answer in delivering the level of detail to provide a comprehensive audit trail and to prevent costly inventory loss.

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What People Say

Kelly Arndt – University of Chicago

The Tutela Temperature Monitoring System is performing well for us, and a significant improvement over the system it replaced .  Overall, we are very happy with the change we made.


David Schreiner, Clin-Path Diagnostics LLC

“It was a big step making the decision to make change to electronic monitoring. However, once it was up and running, the staff bought into the benefits of having 24/7 monitoring of refrigerators and freezers....