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Temperature Monitoring | 5 Tips to keeping samples tip-top

The soaring temperatures will be putting extra pressure on the compressors of Fridges and freezers. If there is going to be a failure it tends to happen when the heat is on. There are a number of preventative measures to check to protect that priceless inventory.

1. The ambient air in the surrounding area, if it is above 25C it will need careful attention.

2. Check the filters are clear of fluff and dust (Where the air comes into contact with the compressor, usually a vent or mesh near the side or front of the unit.

3. Check the stock levels of the unit, an empty fridge may have to work harder, an over stocked unit will also have to work at it. Allow space and room for the stock between items stored.

4. On refrigerated units you may have to change the settings on the thermostat.

5. Avoid leaving the doors open for any longer than necessary.

Check manufacturers’ instructions for any additional advice.

Download PDF – Temperature Monitoring – 5 Tips to keeping samples tip top 

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