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Protecting your Temperature Controlled Assets 24/7

It just takes a second for a fridge door to be left open – a simple distraction when staff are trying to juggle the priorities of a normal day – or maybe there’s an emergency or power outage.

But the damage is done and your valuable temperature controlled inventory may be compromised – a simple but incredibly costly mistake.

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Tutela 24/7 Alarming bureau

Our specialist alarm monitoring bureau is based in the UK and is fully manned with real people who are monitoring your lab 24/7.

24 7 Remote Alarm MonitoringYou will be notified of alarms by our trained operators to a pre-agreed response procedure to ensure absolute viability of your valuable inventory.

Why Risk non-Compliance?

Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC, an ISO 9001:2008 company, supply and install fully validated and compliant web-based, wireless temperature monitoring and recording systems worldwide.


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