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Cloud-based Remote Monitoring Services

A complete cloud-based remote monitoring solution from Tutela is the pinnacle of scientific inventory monitoring, and this configuration adds secure connectivity to the world wide web for the ultimate in access, or for remote monitoring multiple installations across national and even international boundaries.

For a full system including remote monitoring services and alarming, a secure internet connection is needed which allows access from any device anywhere in the world as well the peace of mind that any deviation will be notified immediately to nominated staff.

Being in the cloud, there is no on-site PC hardware and software for our customers to manage/validate and, by utilizing our customer’s existing IT network infrastructure coupled with wireless sensing, local installation time and associated costs are massively reduced.

Our customers love our web interface as it is truly intuitive and simple to use, needing minimal training and ensures that monitoring data is available anywhere in the world on any device able to support a web browser.

Web-Enabled Full Remote Monitoring Services Provide:



 PLUS all Tutela product benefits such as 12 month warranty

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