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Local Hardware Interface

Displaying the data from up to 246 sensor probes connected via wireless transmitter modules, the large, full color WARP LCD display has been designed by scientific monitoring professionals to provide key data points at a glance.  

Comprehensive Real Time System Status Monitoring

The WARP is provided with a number of status display icons that give an indication of the health and status of the panel and wireless sensors in real time. These icons provide a simple way of displaying the current health of each transmitter and associated monitoring probe.

The locally installed WARP receives and records transmissions from the wireless transmitters installed in the monitored facility. The built-in LCD panel is equipped with a multi-function color screen graphical display and fixed function membrane buttons. 

Simple Local Control

An automatic scrolling window sequentially displays the current value of every sensing probe in the remote monitoring system. Simple membrane buttons enable scrolling through the various pages on the WARP to data as lists or to find a particular sensor.

Continuous Real Time Display

The WARP continuously displays the last transmitted value from each monitoring transmitter in the system. The ‘live’ display of values scrolls automatically through every transmitter and probe installed in your facility every 5 seconds.

The WARP can provide 2 stage probe alarming to cover critical and non-critical events and whenever an alert or an alarm is triggered then a local audible sounder will activate to alert local staff.


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