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Genesis 3 – Fully Integrated Hardware

The Tutela Genesis 3 hardware system is the most complete, robust, flexible and future-proof remote monitoring system developed for medical and scientific facilities.

Backed by a 12 month warranty, the Genesis 3 hardware system was developed specifically for monitoring inventory in the Life Sciences and is easy to install because it uses standard Ethernet.

The hub of the Genesis 3 hardware system, WARP is a discreet wall-mounted panel that gives you all the key data of your monitoring system status at a glance. 

Wireless Alarm Repeater Panel – WARP

Data from anything up to 246 sensor probes, connected via wireless transmitter modules, is displayed on the wall-mounted WARP module via a bespoke full color LCD screen. Any deviation measured by a probe in the system raises an audible notification locally and is flagged up in red for immediate action.

Your specific installation configuration will depend on the number and type of equipment being monitored in your facility.  Every monitoring system will, however, consist of a master wireless alarm receiver panel (WARP) that communicates with and receives information from a wide range of wireless sensor transmitter/probe options.

The WARP requires a 24 hour AC power source and is provided with a rechargeable battery giving up to 7 hours of standby operation. 

An on-board 320GB HDD allows up to 60 years local storage of your inventory’s data history.

Wireless Sensor Modules

Feeding the WARP unit with a constant stream of sensing data from your valuable inventory are the Tutela Sensor Modules.  Each Sensor Module is wireless and supports up to 2 sensing probes.  Each transmitter module is able to store data locally for up to 7 days to ensure that, even with significant power outages, full compliance can be maintained with no gaps in records

Intelligent wireless signal repeater modules

But to to ensure the highest level of resilience within the wireless sensing network, Tutela has devised intelligent signal repeater modules that create the Tutela T-Mesh network.  Truly self healing, the T-mesh system ensures that there is always an alternative signal path between every sensor module and the WARP panel.

More about the Tutela T-Mesh Self Healing Network

All Genesis 3 Hardware from Tutela carries a 12 month warranty.

Remote monitoring system from Tutela - wireless sensors and transmitter modules

Genesis 3 is a wireless remote monitoring system that is completely scalable. From a simple standalone wireless temperature monitoring system for one refrigerator in a small pharmacy, to a fully integrated multi-fixture system across multiple sites – Tutela can offer a complete solution – all controllable from one web interface. 

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