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Simple Monitoring Installations

Installation in a single monitored facility is simple, with no local IT integration or support needed.

The WARP and discreet sensor transmitter modules are all designed to be wall mounted and, being based on standard web protocols, Tutela Genesis II is simply the easiest remote monitoring system with alarming to install and maintain.  A single WARP unit can support up to 246 sensing probes, which will easily cover the temperature monitoring needs of, for example, a single vaccine refrigerator or a hospital pharmacy department.

Standalone connectivity for simple data-logging, or connected to a local Ethernet for networked access to data, the Tutela system is ideal for smaller installations where a built-in simple web interface details the precise status of your monitored inventory including vital compliance history. 

Seamless Upgrade for Remote Alarming

Upgrade by connecting the Tutela Monitoring system to the web and gain secure access to all your monitoring data, both real time status and and compliance history, via any device able to support a web-browser from anywhere in the world. 

Remote monitoring and alarming by the Tutela Alarm Response Team as a service option can also be added once web-connectivity is enabled.

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