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Flexible Configuration for Multi-Room Monitoring

A Tutela Genesis II wireless monitoring system is so flexible it can be configured to monitor several different storage units, all controlled from one WARP.  With a seamless upgrade path for future expansion or additional services, the Genesis II system is perfect for monitoring the inventory of single functional department that expects to grow.

Networked via local Ethernet, a single WARP unit can support up to 246 sensing probes, which will easily cover the needs of for example a large hospital pharmacy department, plasma center or research lab, spread out over several rooms.  The Tutela T-Mesh self healing network incorporates intelligent wireless repeater modules to remove any concerns about network resilience.

Only Tutela can offer this level of flexibility.

Seamless Upgrade for Remote Alarming

Upgrade by connecting the Tutela wireless monitoring system to the web and gain secure access to all your monitoring data, both real time status and and compliance history, via any device able to support a web-browser from anywhere in the world. 

Remote monitoring and alarming by the Tutela Alarm Response Team as a service option can also be added once web-connectivity is enabled.

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