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Fully Scalable for Monitoring Multiple Departments

Being web-based and using standard Ethernet, Genesis II from Tutela offers highly flexible configuration options, and is totally scalable to meet the most complex scientific or medical inventory monitoring needs within the same organization – irrespective of location.

To expand the Tutela monitoring system, additional WARP units can be added to the local Ethernet network to coordinate additional new functional departments within the building.

For example, the pharmacy fridges are already being monitored for temperature – simply add a WARP to the existing network in the blood bank to ensure inventory compliance there, and then another in stem cell research later – irrespective of proximity. Each discrete facility can then be managed through the intuitive web-interfaces separately or as a whole if necessary.

The Tutela T-Mesh self healing network incorporates intelligent wireless repeater modules to remove any concerns about network resilience between rooms or even floors.

Only Tutela can offer this level of flexibility.

Seamless Upgrade for Remote Alarming

Upgrade by connecting the Tutela Monitoring system to the web and gain secure access to all your monitoring data, both real time status and and compliance history, via any device able to support a web-browser from anywhere in the world. 

Remote monitoring and alarming by the Tutela Alarm Response Team as a service option can also be added once web-connectivity is enabled.

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