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Preserving Cold Chain Viability

The successful shipment of perishable biological cargo such as such as blood, medicine, tissue, vaccines depends totally on the stability of the temperature at which they are maintained in transit.

This environment is often challenging, so precious samples and products must also be monitored carefully, so that any excursions from the set temperature parameters are recorded and available for instant download at their destination.

No software needed – instant download

tutela-tdl-dataloggerSporting a discreet design, Genesis TDL delivers un-matched accuracy with functionality designed specifically to protect valuable temperature-sensitive scientific products in shipment.

With a display that gives constant status of temperature excursion, the Genesis TDL connects via USB to a PC to provide an instant PDF download at the end of the journey.

Case Study

GIVF Cold Chain temperature monitoring case study image

Managing Cold Chain Risk

In this Case Study, the Fairfax Eggbank, a subsidiary of the Genetics & IVF Institute details how the Genesis TDL mobile temperature monitoring system from Tutela is used to keep strict control of product quality throughout the cold chain – often in very hostile environmental situations

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