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Fairfax EggBank protects Oocytes with TTMU

shipping Temperature Sensitive Products  - Embryologist transfering egg to special culture mediaShipping Temperature Sensitive Products 

 Fairfax EggBank is one of the premier donor oocyte banks in North America and is a subsidiary of the Genetics & IVF Institute (GIVF) along with Fairfax Cryobank, a global leader in sperm banking.

The company has been a market innovator in oocyte vitrification, storage, and shipping for over 10 years.

It works with more fertility clinics than any other egg bank, shipping oocytes daily from its headquarters in Virginia to over 140 fertility clinics located in the United States and abroad.


The Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Solution from Tutela

Fairfax EggBank uses the Tutela Transport Data Logger (TTMU) to manage the temperature of their shipments to eliminate any question as to the viability of the oocytes they are delivering. 

The TTMU travels with the shipment and monitors the temperature from the beginning of the journey all the way to the end.  The temperature data is then transferred via a standard USB and is instantly available as a PDF file once the delivery arrives at its destination. 

The TTMU has a simple, easy to read display screen making the temperature data immediately available for the recipient. The TTMU monitors the temperature sensitive shipments from beginning to end. 

We are proud that Fairfax EggBank has chosen Tutela as their temperature monitoring provider for shipping temperature sensitive products.

Download the Case Study

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