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Widest Range of Traceable Wireless Sensors

Covering the widest variety of applications, Tutela offers a sensing solution to satisfy every scientific and medical inventory monitoring need, from ambient temperature with RH to cryogenic. 

Feeding the WARP unit with a constant stream of sensing data from your valuable inventory are the Tutela Transmitter Modules.  Each Tutela Transmitter Module is wireless and supports up to 2 sensing probes for greater efficiency.  

While most clients are looking for a temperature monitoring system, Tutela offers a full range of wireless sensors for all monitoring needs; all calibrated using a UKAS ISO 17025 certified calibration laboratory.

Each wireless transmitter module is able to store data for 7 days to ensure that, even with significant power outages, full compliance is maintained as there are no gaps in the records.

More about Tutela Sensor Probe types

Wireless Sensor Probes for the Life Sciences


Download the complete range of Tutela wireless sensors and sensing probes as a PDF


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