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Join Tutela at Pittcon 2013 – Philadelphia

Laboratory Temperature Monitoring.

Are your monitoring and recording protocols risking precious assets?

Wireless, and future-proof (being web-based), Tutela’s wireless laboratory temperature monitoring systems deliver unparalleled  accuracy, regulatory compliance and rock-solid audit trails with no hidden software upgrade or validation costs. And being wireless, installation is simple, less intrusive and rapidly creates ROI.

VISIT US on Booth 3258, at Pittcon 2013 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia PA March 17 – 21st 2013 to find out how we protect your refrigerated laboratory products and to see our system in action.

The Pittcon show promises three days of education, professional growth, and networking. Whether you are new to the field or an experienced researcher, Pittcon offers programs for everyone.

Gain important information and insights that will increase your value to your facility as you learn your role in dealing and managing through change.  Visit the website here.